About Balazs Andras Khoor

Florida native Balazs Andras Khoor, known to many of his friends as Blaze, recently graduated from Florida State University with a Master’s degree in Economics. Balazs Andras Khoor stayed at FSU after majoring in both Economics and International Affairs as an undergraduate. In 2004, Balazs Andras Khoor joined his school’s Student Legal Services group as Assistant Director. Khoor’s advocacy and superior job performance led to his promotion to Director a year later. At the same time, Balazs Andras Khoor served as President of the Pre-Law Society, performing in both positions until 2006. During graduate school, Khoor interned with Florida TaxWatch, writing and researching for the organization’s monthly publication. Balazs Andras Khoor cultivated his dedicated work ethic during summers in Jacksonville Beach, where he volunteered with the American Red Cross Volunteer Life Saving Corps (ARCVLSC). Accumulating over 550 volunteer lifeguarding hours, Balazs Andras Khoor received a Three-Year Award in 2005 for his efforts and became a First Registrar. A resident of Tallahassee, Florida, Balazs Andras Khoor spends his free time traveling and learning Spanish.

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